Do you know when Brahma opened his eyes for the first time sitting in the middle of a lotus that stemmed straight out of Vishnu's navel he asked himself "Who am I?" That was the First Question that inspired the creation of the universe. Perception is the key to creation. The Goddess. The flesh and blood vessel to soul. Otherwise soul is nothing but an abstract concept. For thousands of years yogis and sages have been seeking the answer to this question. So I do not wish to kid myself or anyone that I know exactly who I am. It will take few more lifetimes to find the answer. But for now let's stick to the easier route. The superficial one. 

Who am I?

I am Kay. I was born and brought up in Calcutta. I hate the city; and the whole state as a matter of fact. I am a sociopath INFP with severe anxiety disorder. As mad as the Hatter. A proud ISIan. I was a dog in my last birth. Yes it's true. 
I have a job which I hate from the very core of my heart. But I can't quit because I am addicted to shopping and my parents have refused to pay for my clothes long back. I often fantasize about winning a lottery or accidentally discovering some long lost uncle or aunt who would leave me great inheritance. If that ever happens, I will quit my job and next day I will go out on a world tour. Don't laugh fellas. Miracles do happen. Worst case, if that never happens, I will become like Miss Marple. Oh yes I forgot to mention, I am obsessed with murder, unsolved mysteries and the complexity of human psychology.

Theist or Atheist?

Religion fascinates me. My religious views have gone through several transitional phases over the last three decades and I guess it will keep on changing in future as well. I was born to a typical middle class Bengali Hindu parents. Religion was there, and yet not too much. During my college days I turned into an atheist. Bad communist influence I suppose. Thankfully I came out of that phase later on. I am a rightist nationalist Indian and proud to be so. However my religious point of view is mostly intellectual than devotional. I read the Upanishads, mythologies of different countries, the Puranas and that's how I pay my tribute to the gods, of every culture more or less. Although I am a big fan of Lord Shiva and I believe I am a Shaivite myself. Apart from Hindu religion, Vajrayana Buddhism is my subject of interest, admiration, and reverence.

Other interests and hobbies

I can sleep all day if I get a chance. I love to eat but I am also terrified of becoming fat.
I watch movies as if I am a part of the story.
I pretend to like classic novels in front of people, but I actually I love to read murder mysteries and adventure stories. You might snigger at me for liking Dan Brown, but I don't care. 
As I mentioned before, I am addicted to shopping to an extent that borders on mental illness. 
I love to travel. New place, new people, unknown language, different culture intoxicate me more than anything.
I am a diehard fan of Marvel and F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Things that make me happy

Sarcasm, feminism, talking to myself, singing to myself, the absolute freedom of being alone, staying up late night, smell of new book, smell of old book, surprise gift, Agatha Christie, shopping apps on my phone, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, feeling of butterflies in the stomach when I am in love, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Evans, Chris Evans' dog, tan leather boots, afternoon naps, rom coms, Harry Potter, Batman, Quentin Tarantino,  Disney movies, British accent, sitcom, Jane Austen, hanging out with boys, Marvel comics, red wine, visiting Indian Museum on winter afternoons, fruit & ice cream combo, matte lipstick, happily ever after, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Carnatic music, Chandril Bhattacharya, memes.

Things that make my blood boil

Stupidity, hypocrisy, wannabes, showing off, arrogance (unless you are Sherlock Holmes), Sonam Kapoor, Superman, monsoon, iphone, nightclub, Game theory, sissy people, Justin Bieber (who doesn't?), Chetan Bhagat, Kardashian clan, reality show, Twilight saga, Facebook, tea with milk & sugar, getting up early morning, getting bitten between the toes by mosquitoes, social gatherings, false promises, heartbreak. 

Materialistic delusions 

Some family heirlooms mostly inherited from grandmothers. A supercool collection of antique jewellery assembled over the years.

On gluttony

I am no foodie but I love any kind of seafood especially giant crab curry with hot steaming rice.

Self love 

Shopping, mostly. When I have no money to spend I just browse the shopping apps and keep adding things to wishlist. Also, daydreaming about hot men with tattoos on their abs.

Man of my dream or whatever

Captain America/Chris Evans. Sherlock Cumberbatch Holmes. Tom Loki Hiddleston. Captain Jack Sparrow. Indiana Jones. Any hot guy with a killing wit and a whole lot of intellectual quotient. Preferably much older than me. No Bengali man please.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you will stay.

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P.S. I keep changing bits and pieces here and there on this page because, well, people go through many changes with time. Ideology, worldview also change along. So if you happened to read the 'about me' section twice with large interval and found the change of elements it's because I like to stay honest to my readers, and to myself.