August: Favourite Moments

I have been busy with so many things these days that it's getting more and more difficult to sit with blogging. But I promise (to myself mostly) that I would finish the Hampi travelogue and also talk about my brief and mind-numbingly boring albeit sporadically interesting Shillong trip. Until then here are few favourite moments from the month of August. Enjoy!

First vaccination wala selfie!!

Letter from my sponsee from Dharamshala, Coconut <3 <3

Cute purse from @kweenb_merch; the proceeds from sale go to taking care of the stray babies

Little bit of diamond shopping from Caratelane :)

High tea at Cochrane Place; more on this later

Long drive in rain :) <3

Midnight date with Simba <3 <3

Jai Hind :) #proudpatriot

Block-print love

And last but definitely not the least -- Tintin Collector's Edition set, gift from a dear dear friend. Thank you GG. xoxoxo