Reunion 2020

One of the best highlights of this year's puja vacation was the date with my BFF A. AFTER TWO YEARS!! We missed each other. And one evening spent on the rooftop of this brewery named Scrapyard with craft beer, hookah, and tequila shots while checking out cute guys around us was an absolute delight.

Also today is her birthday. Happy Birthday, girl. Hugging you at Park Street intersection was definitely one of the highest moments of year 2020.

The kurta/dress I am wearing is from Anokhi Jaipur. The last time I had been to Calcutta (in January 2020) I had wishlisted the dress right on spot back at their boutique in Forum. Then I spent every day in lockdown regretting not buying it then and there. This time I went to TGIF with the sole purpose of hitting Anokhi showroom and grabbing it. Imagine my delight when I discovered it wasn't out of stock.

Enjoy the pics!