Diwali 2020

So how have you been folks? How was the lunar eclipse experience? Anybody else feeling the heat (metaphorical) of upcoming solar eclipse and the Great Conjunction yet? I got back to my den of blissful solitude by the end of last month and I just did not have the state of mind to sit and write a new post. Not to mention the last two weeks in Calcutta was pretty horrible. My mum and I were down with the flu. NOT covid, oh fuck China goddamn bastards ruined the fun in the abject misery of good old autumnal ailments.

So anyways, before the flu put us in bed Diwali had gone well. It was unusually quiet this year but streets were crowded enough to induce a panic attack. I spent Diwali at home after a long time this year so I wanted to make the most of it. My brother was also happy to get his bhaiphota.

Bhaidooj #ootd