Weekend Diaries

I went on a date last week after an embarrassingly long time. Oh yes, ahem, it's totally pandemic's fault, ahem ahem. So, umm, anyways the guy was kind of a desperate bore but I had good time. You would wonder how but I think I have mastered the art of how to rock on my own over the last couple of years. And I am also absolutely utterly amazing. Statistically speaking, ninety percent of the time I agreed to go on a date not because I actually wanted to meet the person but I just needed an excuse to dress up and go out and flaunt myself. You would ask me about the ten percent and I would wink and give my most wicked smirk and just say "Magic."

So anyways, my date was kind of an idiot but the pub photographer ended up taking too many pictures of me, apparently for the pub's Facebook page. So I took his number and badgered him until he sent me the copies.

Regarding the place, I just cannot believe Saltlake sector V has become so happening over the last couple of years. This brewery was good (so was the pub we had visited during Durga Puja, Five Mad Men) although the music was way too loud for my demure nature. *wicked grin* But the craft beer was good. Ambiance was alright. And yes, Calcutta is still under the spell of festivity. What? Did you say covid 19? What's that? Ahem ahem. No I am not coughing, touchwood.

But jokes apart, stay safe. Wear that mask. Don't be an anti-mask asshole like many out there. Battle is not over yet. Also, keep hating China with that blind passion.