Pandemic Journal: Wear Your F*cking Mask

Life has become so weird these days. If staying at home alone makes you feel claustrophobic and anytime it feels like you might be dying of sheer boredom then stepping outside doesn't really do much to improve that deteriorating mental health condition either. People are acting like corona is gone. Even the government is deciding to banish the virus by being on denial mode. Everything is opening and hardly anybody is following any social distancing norms. Forget about public, even those douchebag politicians are gathering like before to create ruckus everywhere.

I have decided to transform aapada into avsar as per my favourite PM's advice. So it's mask galore for me. This time it was Calvin and Hobbes.

Approximately 60% of the population I spotted on my visit to Darjeeling weren’t wearing any mask. I even saw people hugging each other, maskless. *shudder* 30% were wearing but with their nose poking out (a scene that reminds me of a broken condom, you can wear it to comfort the other party but the end result will be pointless). This is my twelve hours’ of observation, for both Darjeeling and Siliguri. Not a single tourist was wearing any goddamn mask in Darjeeling. God knows I loathe them even without the pandemic. Yes, mask is very uncomfortable. Not only they won’t let you breathe freely but also give you this splitting headache that starts from the base of your earlobes. Talking is difficult with the mask on. Yes they are fucking nuisance. Yes, we all hate China with a blind passion. However.....

Laying in a ventilator is probably a million times more uncomfortable than wearing a mask like a sane responsible person, given that you will get a ventilator on time and not die on the gurney gasping for air.
Also, those healthcare workers are fighting this pandemic in those same masks round the clock. Plus the suit. Can you imagine their plight? The humongous sacrifice? The DISCOMFORT??


For those whiny bitch guys, we women also wear bra, sometimes underwired. You cannot imagine how painful it gets at times. And yet we live.
I chose a deserted corner of the station and took off my mask for like five seconds to get a click. That was it. So don't even fucking start.