Jodhpur : A Gastronomical Journey

I love to eat. Well, I also love to stay thin and GLOW. I hate those insufferable 'intellectual' people who think exercising is for dumbass people. Anyways. So as I am sitting here on a pleasant Thursday evening drinking wine and staffing my mouth with a large barbecue pizza I am in the mood for reminiscing. You can't blame me; lots of major planets are in retrograde right now.

Jodhpur isn't exactly a food paradise per se. But if you explore closely you will definitely bump into many hidden gems scattered across this ancient town. I will have to thank the YouTube channel Delhi Food Walks. I did try a few street food according to their recommendations. But I want to start with the food of where I stayed. This vintage house turned into a cozy homestay named Yashvant Homestay in Gundi ka mohalla or the priests' colony. They are descendants of the royal priests who first came to reside in the old town of Jodhpur, at the foothill of Mehrangarh Fort. They are vegetarians and don't cook chicken or any other meat. But they do serve egg. I loved every bit of their hospitality there.

And this is how the homestay looked like.

There aren't many fancy places to eat in Jodhpur. I will mention two of them here. One is Pal Haveli. As the name suggests, it's an old haveli converted into a heritage hotel cum restaurant. Very fancy, good service, fantastic rooftop view of Mehrangarh, AVERAGE food. The second place is a restaurant located within the fort premises, called Chokhelao Garden and Terrace Restaurant. Service was excellent along with topnotch food. Everything on the buffet spread was delicious, especially the desserts. When you are visiting Mehrangarh Fort this is where you must have your lunch.

The last bit was the street food. I mostly followed Delhi Food Walks in this regard but some of them were truly difficult to find. The labyrinthine alleyways of Jodhpur market was not very easy maneuver thanks to our massive population. But it was fun. The first on the list was this famous Mishrilaal ji ka lassi. His shop is located right across the clocktower. I had huge expectations from this lassi given its reputation and the crowd. But it wasn't up to the mark. It was too sweet for my taste. I had better lassi at roadside dhaba on Gujarat-Rajasthan highway on my previous trip to Rajasthan.

Malai roti and veg pulao were rather amazing. Malai roti is basically a roti shaped thick layer of malai scraped off the top of boiling milk. Oh yes, it was undoubtedly the best dish I tasted in Jodhpur. Veg pulao was a sumptuous mix of rice and paneer and dry fruits. Subtle yet flavourful.

The last stop was this Lonely Planet recommended roadside omelette shop. There was nothing exceptional about the sandwiches but you can guess how popular the shop is from its stacks of eggs.