Requiem of the Lost Souls

When I look around me

I see nothing but zombies
Hundreds and thousands of
Soulless creatures marching around
The face of earth
Looking for missing brains
I look at myself in mirror
A gaping hole
Where my heart used to be
A bottomless abyss
Years of melancholy
Asleep in its belly
They have now bloomed into flowers
Their petals hold my tears
They rest on my flesh and bone
My blood nourishes them
I'm a human
In this zombieland

Someone told me long back
I'm destined for something great
That I am made of
Stardust and ancient magick
The gods have left runes
On my palms
They still whisper my name every night
The gush of wind I feel on myself
- Sighs of dead stars..

But for today, 
The gods will bathe in my blood
They will crush my bones
And feast on my heart
Nobody will be there to hear me scream
As I am the last human standing
In this zombieland.

-- The older I'm getting the more addicted I'm becoming to my own sadness/~kaydee