Pushkar Market

When in Pushkar you cannot miss the market that comes with it. The market premises was as clean as the temple itself and taking stroll through its stone pavement while looking at the colourful shops was the perfect finishing touch to our day trip. Pushkar market is shopper's paradise if you are into authentic Indian handicrafts. And everything was so dirt cheap I couldn't believe when the shopkeepers were quoting their prices. Take into account the exchange rate factor and that's the reason why the foreigners come here to shop. Most of those independent boutique owners on Etsy selling vintage Indian items at blood-curdling high price are basically bargain hunters at places like Pushkar and Goa flea markets. Now why I don't like or support this tomfoolery is mainly because my country doesn't exactly gain a lot from this.

I am neither a foreigner nor a reseller so I shopped quite a lot for myself from Pushkar. Time was very less and we were supposed to catch the bus back to Jodhpur by evening so unfortunately I could not explore as much as I would have liked. However, even in such little time I made a friend there. A shop-owner with somewhat rustic debonair attitude that was evidently quite popular among his lady customers. We promised to stay in touch through social media and we have kept our promise till date. I bought a vintage mirror-work choli and a skirt from him that I wore here.

The quintessential Indian vibes on the alleyways of Pushkar was a great experience for me. Albeit the pandemonium of a very busy tourist destination I enjoyed every bit of my presence there. In fact, I don't think I minded the hustle and bustle at all. And I couldn't help but feel an underlying sense of harmony amidst the obvious disarray. Evidently, the blessings of Lord Brahma and his two wives haven't left Pushkar for a day since the beginning of time.

What to buy from Pushkar:

Literally anything and everything in vintage signature embroideries of the tribes of Kutch province. Wall hanging, patches, skirt, belt, bag -- literally anything that catches your eye.

Pushkar is famous for its rose production so rose water and perfumes are definitely must-buy souvenirs. Few shops sell really good quality locally produced ittar as well.

Silver jewellery. Even though I would say Udaipur and Jaipur are the best in this regard but silver jewellery is an integral part of Rajasthan and Pushkar is no exception.

Custom made t-shirt shops are also quite popular there. They will print anything of your choice on a t-shirt in a jiffy as long as it has a digital copy.

I don't like those cheap quality machine made stuff that are especially kept for Indian tourists so I won't recommend them for any aesthetic value but supporting the local on your trip is always a good idea.