What I wore in Rajasthan

How is everyone's quarantine going? Surprisingly, I am doing exceptionally well. I only had one panic attack two weeks ago and even though my anxiety will never seem to leave (we are old friends now) I am not a crippled mess like before. Sure, I do miss takeout food and online shopping. But I am grateful right at this moment to the universe for keeping the people I care about safe and healthy. What more can I ask for? There's a lot of speculations going on regarding the post-lockdown phase. About life going back to normal etc. What is normal according to people I wonder. Personally, I definitely don't want the planet to become a madhouse again. Haven't we learned enough? Take it easy, people. There's no shame in slowing down, and taking a break. The FOMO is just a superficially imposed concept by the consumerist society. Because the things that are meant for you, will never miss you. So stop trying to run ahead. Relax. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Feel the stillness within you. That's all there is. Right here, right now.

Going on a trip seems like a distant dream now. Although I have planned like three trips already, I don't know when those are going to materialise in reality. Meanwhile I am trying to finish this travelogue series that has been due for over a year. I miss dressing up and going out too. So I thought this post might help me with both my cravings. However, I look a lot different presently. A lot thinner, paler, and perhaps, happier.

This was my second visit to the land of Rajputs. As I mentioned many times before, I love Rajasthan. The grandeur, the history, the quintessential colourful vibes on the street -- the India that we have forgotten about amidst the hybrid cosmopolitan culture. It's true that Rajasthan is the most corrupted state of India at present but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the good things about it. Personally, I love the fashion legacy of Rajasthan -- the colours, embroideries, different prints. Then comes the jewellery. Mix and match them with few modern twists and voila, you have got endless choice of outfits. Each and every outfit I wore in Rajasthan had one or more elements of western India in them.

Ajrak maxi skirt: Bapu Bazar, Jaipur. T-shirt: More than five years old purchase from Myntra

Cotton kurta: Sangria. Banjara belt: Anjuna flea market, Goa. Necklace: Some old silver shop near Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

Top, pants: Ajio. Bandhni dupatta: Jaipur. Necklace: Kutch, Gujarat

Indigo print salwar-dupatta set: Clock tower market, Jodhpur. Jodhpur is famous for indigo prints. Afghani necklace: Instagram

Dress: Tailor made with vintage Rabari patch from Jaipur

Indigo print top: Clock tower market, Jodhpur. Dhoti pants: Ajio

Vintage mirror work choli: Pushkar market, Ajmer. Block print palazzo: An old independent brand called Bohemyan Blue

Vintage banjara skirt: Pushkar market

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay sane. :)