Mystery Novel

Why people get so upset if they are misunderstood? I often hear people lamenting about it. So??? Instead of "Nobody understands me" why not say, Yay nobody understands me!".

I'm a widely misunderstood person myself. And I love it. Why should I let everyone have a free pass into my mind? In a world of memes I like to think of myself as an ancient scripture. If I'm the lost scroll from Alexandria or Nalanda, then you gotta be Indiana Fuckin Jones to leaf through my pages and decipher me. What is it about? Forgotten history? Cursed love story? Or the saga of the heartbroken turned into poetry? Could be a story of gory bloodbath and lost treasure as well. You might have to solve the riddles and unearth the treasure buried deep for thousands of years waiting to be found. I am not going to tell you. You gotta find out on your own. The best one will get the prize.

Once in a blue moon it does happen. You stumble into another ancient soul stuck in the cage of bone and flesh since the beginning of time looking for the same thing as you -- a reason behind all this circus. You take a momentary stop for each other before continuing on your respective journeys. Maybe walk together for a while.

There you go. That's why you were born. That's what your life is all about. Finding moments of truth in the infinite loop of mayhem and misery. So when your time finally comes you can look back across your endless incarnations and say, "Yes. I have lived a life."