Six Shows That are Absolutely Binge-worthy

Ever since I got sick and had to move to Siliguri I have been spending most of my single, lonely ass sick leave days binge watching shows on my phone and eating shitty food that I cook reluctantly at home because there is no food delivery service in this fucking village. At first, I was watching only one show at a time. Then weeks gone by, and I am streaming multiple shows; all day, all night. And that is in addition to watching emotional animal rescue videos and Delhi shopping guide vlogs on Youtube. Throw a mean cat in the picture and I am halfway to my spinsterhood. Anyways. These are the shows I am watching these days and I'm hooked! (Read they are interesting enough to replace alcohol which is not only good but absolutely necessary for my health right now.)

1. Elementary

A modern take on the good old Sherlock Holmes saga but staged in New York. Jonny Lee Miller is smoking hot and it's fun to drool over his chiseled, tattooed body every time he takes off his dorky shirts. The stories are amazing and fortunately, not so complicated like the ones in Sherlock. The good part is, Dr. Watson is a woman here. The best part is, Watson is not Sherlock's good-hearted but half-witted assistant whom he always keeps in the dark. Here they are partners and she is no less of a detective than Sherlock. I like Lucy Liu alright but she is still no match for Amanda Abbington. I loved loved loved that woman. I never liked the Holmes-Moriarty subplot in any Sherlock Holmes rendition including the original. The first Sherlock Holmes story was published in 1887 -- an early evolving stage for the whole whodunnit genre. But who has a super-villain nemesis nowadays, apart from the superheroes? Not even Donald Trump. Moriarty fits more into the DC comics universe than in detective adventure stories.

I have binge watched all six seasons like a ravenous cow. The seventh season has just been launched.

2. The Mentalist

Technically I have already finished watching this series. Another crime-mystery genre series where a team of California Bureau of Investigation detectives solve gruesome murder in each episodes. They also have a consultant in their team who solves most part of the crimes using his terrific deduction skills. He is the mentalist guy, played by Simon Baker. I have never been attracted as well as repulsed by a hot guy on screen before coming across Simon Baker. He is charming, has a killer smile. And yet so unbelievably asexual. I did not fantasize about banging him even for once. Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) too has a nemesis, a serial killer named Red John who killed Jane's family. Jane solves crime for the CBI while engaging in his own personal quest of finding Red John -- a sub-plot that continues and climaxes in the sixth season. Honestly, I did not like how that story ends. Quite anti-climactic after all that tension and drama. And after that, The Mentalist loses its tempo. The seventh season was completely unnecessary. Patrick Jane shacking up with Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is as cringe-worthy as to watch a couple of brother and sister having sex. And yet the Game of Thrones incest fest still wins because the actors have actual chemistry there. Here Baker and Tunney kiss like they are being forced at gunpoint. I never saw a more superficial on-screen couple than Jane-Lisbon duo, not even the Kardashians or the Chopra-Jonas.

3. Person of Interest

A team of an ex-spy, a tech genius and a detective preventing crime with the help of a mysterious algorithm that predicts the occurrence of a possible crime. I like this series mostly because it does not have unnecessary drama involving human relationships. And I love spy thrillers. Jim Caviezel is hot enough to drool over. Story-line is good so far. Although they could have casted someone with a better set of eyebrows than Taraji P. Henson. It's a real pain to watch constant close-up shots of her resting scowled face.

4. Downton Abbey

This show has its own cult so I am not going to say much. It's a Victorian drama revolving around a British aristocratic family. Before watching this show I had no idea that the British aristocrats used to have servants to help them dress or bathe as well. Not having a small army of servants in one's house was a sign of distress apparently. No wonder why Karl Marx still gets so much of unnecessary attention worldwide. And why cleaning one's own toilet is still frowned upon in our damn country. The Brits have put us in an infinite loop of colonial hangover, even after all this time.

Downton Abbey has gripping drama, sometimes maybe too gripping to suit my taste. That's why I took a break after the first season. It's too painful to watch a bunch of frustrated Victorian servants conspiring against their masters. The same reason why I never got to finish a single Jane Austen novel.

5. The Story of God

Who doesn't wanna watch Morgan Fucking Freeman exploring and talking about the evolution of the concept of God across different culture and race???? I mean WHO DOESN'T?????? I LOVE this show. Even though watching the episode on death creeped the fuck out of me. Guys, a word of advice. Watching dead bodies being cremated while having PMS is NOT a good thing for overall mental health. I am glad I did not end up having nightmares. Apart from that, this series is an absolute delight for the anthropology/mythology nerds.

6. The Mindy Project

I was bored. It was late at night. I couldn't sleep. I was out of options so I just casually started watching this show. And oh boy I am glad I did! I am absolutely fucking in love with the show. It's hilarious and heart-warming and ohsofucking relatable. The story revolves around Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a single, thirty something OB-GYN and her co-workers and her quest for the love of her life which more often than not takes some unexpected, hilarious turn. She is a brilliant doctor who watches tons of rom-coms, reads celebrity gossip, and openly admits her absolute love for sex. She also has three closets full of clothes. The Mindy Project is a modern and funnier take on Sex and the City with a dash of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sans the ugly face of Sarah J. Parker. Also, more wits and less boobs. 

Mindy Kaling is my new favouritest human being on earth.

I had also started watching Beauty and the Beast but had to stop because it's stupid and predictable.