Goa Diaries: Galgibaga

Every time I visit somewhere off-beat I go into a dilemma. Whether or not to share the story with the world. On one hand I can't resist the urge to tell stories. But then on the other hand I hate to think the place might lose its exclusivity; especially in the hands of stupid, cheap Indians who have no sense of sanctity of anything they come across. Galgibaga beach is one such place. Tucked away in a cosy corner right in the vicinity of Patnem, away from all the usual hustle and bustle of Goa, Galgibaga is one gem of a place to explore.

Galgibaga is basically the name of the river that runs through Canacona region and the beach is where the river meets the sea. The confluence has another small beach known as Talpona. Also known as the turtle beach it is where the sea turtles come to nest their eggs. Hopefully, the place will remain protected for that if not for any other reason.

Things to do:
You can spend an entire day at Galgibaga. The beach is deserted leaving a handful of beach shacks and resorts. Take a long walk along the shoreline and one will bump into a lagoon where locals can be found scraping the flesh off fresh mussels stuck on the rocks. Visit Talpona where the river jumps into the Arabian Sea.

Beautiful beach art that we did not draw but enjoyed thoroughly


Take a walk at night. Galgibaga beach has no electricity except those handful of shacks. As a result there is not a single speck of artificial light on the beach. We sat there and watched the waves crushing against the shore relentlessly; their phosphorus laden heads sparkling under full moon. I saw my first ever shooting star there.

Food. After a long walk/bath (I am not a big fan of taking bath in the sea myself) when you will feel famished, just head for Surya's Beach Cafe. Hands down the second best place to eat in Goa. Right after Dropadi. The added bonus with Surya's Beach Cafe is the serene ambiance. And its very cordial host, Surya himself. Order any seafood of your choice and enjoy it sitting under the sun, watching the sea peeking through the trees while the resident doggos come lie down at your feet. Apparently, Gordon Ramsey himself recommends this place.

Cashew feni is a country liquor exclusively produced in Goa. It is delicious by the way. AND strong.

This old fellow was such a gentle, good boi

But the best part about Galgibaga beach? No mobile network whatsoever. Not a single one of my office bastards could reach me for once every time we were there.