Excuses etc.

When does a person not feel like writing? When they are too upset to give a damn. Or when they are quite the opposite of upset but there's so much going on in their life that they are just overwhelmed. Or that they can't write about what they want to so they just prefer taking a break. I guess it's all of the above in my case except the upset bit. Although a part of me is always on mildly annoyed mode. Work, office politics, unapproved bills, add to it my latest pain in the ass water shortage problem. And I have been going through so much (in good way, touchwood) for past two weeks that I hardly had the mental energy to write something. Then I did something quite unusual of me. I took an impromptu trip to Gangtok. AGAIN. But this trip was so much better than the last one. D was telling why I always chose to visit Gangtok instead of exploring other nearby places. She meant Dooars to be precise. No offense to Dooars and her, but nothing can beat the capital of Sikkim. Not to mention nobody goes to forest during monsoon. I am not sure if I would write a travelogue here or not but the photos I would definitely share. But before that I must write about Ging Monastery which I had visited at the end of June. And another thoughtful and equally savage post is also coming up. I hope I would be able to make up for the loss of time. But to be honest, I don't care much about it. Sometimes it's OK to enjoy life a little bit and not care a damn about anything else.