June Diary

It's almost halfway into July and now I am posting June's journal. I know, I am barely there these days. It will take some time to really get back on track. Until then, bear with the sporadic frequency. I am trying really hard.

The day World Cup started.

The hottest day of the season in Darjeeling

That's how Darjeeling looks like after rain

Ting momo and chicken shapta. Till date my most favourite Tibetan combo.

Father's day special. Homemade panipuris. The sixty years old choktse table is my first antique purchase by the way. Apparently it is from Tibet.

Some love stories are unfinished and doomed from the start. But that doesn't mean you can't smile through them.

Chicken in red wine and black pepper sauce. I know, I rock.

The day I visited a monastery and an ancient crematory. More on this later.

Some jackass once told me eventually I would be tired of clicking pics. Joke's on you, fucker.

Twelfth National Statistics Day celebration. The day I almost died. Better pics are coming up.