Can I call my day trip to Kalimpong a long drive? Maybe it was not long enough. But it was definitely a respite from my super hectic schedules these days. I didn't know I was such a workaholic. Or perhaps I never enjoyed work before. But the drive to Kalimpong and back was refreshing. Not to mention the week after I was on a three days trip to Calcutta which wrenched the last ounce of life out of me. God I hate my Calcutta H.O.

The centre of Kalimpong town is not pretty. It's too congested and dingy and a hell lot warmer than Darjeeling. But as we moved towards the periphery the stores and lines of houses began to disappear gradually. The terrain got steeper and greener. It had started to drizzle when we reached the gate of Delo.

I don't know about you. But till date I have never found rain in the mountains to be anything other than absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy the visuals.