Hair Story (Updated)

Do people really change with age? I don't know. I have always believed that the core never changes no matter what. Only that we shed the old skin at the end of every winter. Every spring it's a different pattern or silhouette. Like new fashion trend.

All my life I have been obsessed with the length of my hair. I was Della of The Gift of the Magi. My parents had kept my hair cropped until my tenth board exam. Logic? Long hair could be very distracting. So there was a trade off between an extra few inches and extra few marks. And for Indian parents the latter always wins. Unless you were born in a regressive, misogynist household where your judgmental mother fixes a girl's value by her ability to cook. Fortunately, my parents were more interested in my education and hence I would look like a malnourished boy until I passed the tenth standard. Puberty is a weird thing. Because it's not only physical but also hugely psychological. And one day I suddenly realised boys preferred girls with long hair. This realisation arrived more subconsciously though; which was duly fueled by movies like Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai etc. And my hair began to grow. I had a longgg braid at ISI I remember and people would praise my hair. Those tomboy childhood days were long gone. Now I was independent woman in control of my own body; or so was the delusion.

I don't know what had exactly prompted me to go and chop off my hair in the first place. It could be the end of an abusive relationship. It could be a sudden mental breakdown. It could be my innate rebelliousness trying to make a statement against a codependent ex. Or it could be cold weather which makes long hair extremely difficult to maintain for the uninitiated. I reckon it was a collective reason of all of the above. Not to mention during that time only I came across a very popular yet incredibly shitty book which says cutting off one's long hair might imply suicidal tendencies. God how much I hate these amateur clan of psychologists. I wasn't suicidal. I was murderous. I wanted to kill some people in the goriest possible way. So that fuckall logic is invalid here.

I thought I would probably be thrown into rebound regret after a few days. But what regret my dear. My new hairstyle has grown on me. And Darjeeling has got some really skilled hairstylists. I won't ever be out of new styles. Decades of filth have gone into the pit of purgatory along with those long mane. Good riddance.

Om Mani Padme Hum.