Random Musings Series/ 3

Why is every delicious thing in the world so forbidden? I am talking about potato chips, you filthy pervert. Now, never in a million years I would actually walk into a shop and buy a bag full of chips. But what the hell you can do when you live in a different city where you are obligated to attend herds of guests who inevitably bring you something so sinful? Sometimes it’s a bag full of chip. Sometimes a huge bottle of wine.
Screw it.

Talking of forbidden, have you ever watched Sapna Chowdhury’s dance on Teri Akhiyon Ka Kajal? Or Ae Raja Raja Raja? Or, ahem, Purulia songs? I know. I am a VERY weird person. But you know where the difference lies? I am shameless. I have very few skeletons in my closet. So stop taking life so seriously. Watch the songs I have just mentioned. They are such stress busters.

I have put on some weight. But in a well-distributed, hot kind of way. That’s the outcome of having toxic things out of your life and spreading good vibes. By the way, A noticed it first, even before I did. That too from my Rajasthan snaps. Bless his observational power.

Arjun Kapoor is perhaps the most unattractive man in the world. #bcterihalfgirlfriendkimaki@#$%.

Darjeeling is raining cats and dogs. I am waking up to cluster of clouds trying to find a way into my room and my Instagran is full of sexy snaps. But the frequent power cut is a pain in the ass.

My mother has done something unforgivable. Annoying women from matrimonial sites are pestering me on a daily basis. How can I tell them that I see myself circumambulating Mount Kailas and taking a crazy dip into Lake Mansarovar in coming five years? Any guy who matches that standard is most welcome to spend the rest of his life with me. It would be one hell of an adventure that much I can guarantee.

I am in love with Kettan Singh. You don’t know who he is? Please go watch Shuddh Desi Endings and Janhit Mein Jaari on Youtube. No. we don’t have orgasm on ‘can v b frandzz?’ We get turned on by really good jokes. Trust me. #icantotallysleepwithhim

Smoking pot is not my cup of tea. My brother made me 6 joints during my stay in Calcutta and the last one was so strong that I ended up puking for next two days. Same goes for cigarette.

I hate West Bengal. Except for Calcutta and Darjeeling.

Unrequited love has its own charm. Isn’t it? Nahhh. Not revealing anymore on this topic.

My mother would actually faint if she knew what's truly going on in my heart. Thank god that she is not some fucking psycho spying on her kid’s phone and laptop.

I love going home. But I also love coming back here. I said this many times before and I am saying it again. The mountains have got my soul.