So about 18 days ago I had temporarily shut down my blog. It was a bad day. I was immensely hungover, utterly lost, and bitter. Not to mention I had made a perfect fool of myself the previous night. That I always do when I drink too much out of despair. So I thought maybe a social media detox was necessary. I had also developed a weird habit of talking in my head in blogging style (basically I was writing blog in my head 24x7). It was unnerving. So for a while I just wanted to experience life as it is and not put them into words much. Easier said than done. Anyway. As a result of all this I found myself disabling my blog, my instagram (facebook had been gone long before that), and deleting google+. However I knew I would come back. But I thought that would not happen anytime in next 6 months. And yet so many things have happened in just 18 days that I am afraid if I don't write them down soon I am going to explode. Even my personal journal is not enough for them. I want people to read them, to know what I have experienced, to see what I have seen. So just like that, I couldn't stay away from my lovely brainchild and here I am. So what all has happened? In 18 days I have been on 2 epic trips, been to 3 different states and to 4 airports in less than 24 hours, met and conversed with numerous strangers, had a coffee date at the airport in between connecting flights, got another pair of piercings, attended a live concert, and read 3 books. Not to mention now people are texting, DMing me requesting for new posts. And life is going through such series of transformations that I can literally feel it in my bones. So you see, I was seeking break but the universe granted me a hurricane. A happy hurricane, touchwood.

I am back in Darjeeling only last night. It's have-rum-cocktail-for-breakfast kind of weather here these days -- freezing cold and lots of fog. I am sitting dangerously close to fire and chain-smoking nicotine-free herbal cigarettes (bidi to be precise) during short breaks. And trying to protect my impeccably straight set hair from soot. Plenty of new blog posts are coming up guys!