Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre

One of the few places in Darjeeling where I can have a taste of my favourite culture and its people. Rest of the Darjeeling is a painful eyesore full of ugly hotels and stupid Bengali tourists in mufflers and mittens in 15 degree Celsius, asking locals where to get Bengali food.

Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre of Darjeeling was established in 1959 by Mrs. Gyalo Thondup, wife of HH the fourteenth Dalai Lama's elder brother Mr. Gyalo Thondup, also famous as the noodle-maker of Kalimpong. Only a few left of those who followed HH after the invasion of China in 1959. Now it's their successors -- a hundred odd people living in a co-operative society far away from their motherland, trying to keep the native culture alive, while dreaming of a free Tibet.

I am a selfish person though. I lit the butter lamps praying for my own personal agendas only.


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