Darjeeling Outfit Roundup. 2017

It's been little less than three months since I moved to Darjeeling. The climate has gone through a lot of changes since then. Temperature has been slowly dropping and the fog is coming and going. I have shopped quite a a lot of winter-wear, partly because it's a necessity and partly because, well, you know me. Here's a photo diary of my streetstyle journey of past two and a half months. I tried to keep it as chronologically correct as possible. Life has not been so easy there till now, mostly because of my fuckall personal issues and until a week ago I was still living like a nomad. So on most of the days I wouldn't care to change my purse or my boots. Hopefully from this new year onward I will be more inclined to fully utilising my wardrobe. Any other new year fashion resolution? Yes. Stick to 'less is more' motto. Dainty jewellery. Very little or no makeup. And a lots of mix n' match with the existing wardrobe instead of piling up crap.

I ruined this skirt fyi. And somehow I did not feel much sad. As a matter of fact I have not felt much sad over any loss I faced this year. Even getting rid of my long hair. The overwhelming pain of loss was overshadowed by a recurring feeling of nothingness. I am not sad. I have gone beyond that. Now I am just numb. Are you happy now?

At Tsechu puja ceremony. The whole Darjeeling noticed and praised my Ghau box pendant that day.

I visit this temple a lot. And by lot, I mean A LOT. Just notice my forehead in the pictures and you will know.

Trekking at Jalapahar.

Birthday night

I am wearing a lot of sapphire blue lately. Saturn effect?

The last Darjeeling outfit of this year. Because this is what I wore on the day I came to Calcutta. Tshirt is from Manali, by the way. Saturn effect prevails.