A Short Story

It comes to you like a flash of lightening. When you are walking down the steep road and you are laughing and talking. Your left foot is paining a little bit. The fog has left a damp feel in your hair. Suddenly it happens. A memory appears out of the blue. Two people kissing in the woods -- one is shy & awkward, one is a passionate, giggling freak. There's no prize for guessing which one is you, silly girl. Or when you are sitting by the Christmas tree and having dinner. And the couple come to click their picture by the tree. You see yourself standing there instead of the unknown girl. And someone very familiar with ridiculously thin legs and a grave face holding the phone in your direction. You can see the imaginary you smiling and giving pose. You can actually picture the entire follow up conversation. You know it all. The name. The face. The voice. The familiar walking style. Or the favourite blue windcheater. You stop dead on the track. Or you stop eating. Life has gone out of your face. The moment has stopped. You are fucked. Again. Game over. Go home. Lie down on your face. Get drunk on your tears. But never dare pray to the gods to have those memories erased. Hold them close to your heart. Turn them into lullabies. Who knows, maybe you will end up having the best dream ever.