When it is 3 am
And you are sleeping by my side
Oblivious to the fact
That I have been crying
For past one hour
The sound of my silent sobbing
Didn’t reach your
Sleepy ears
Silly boy
You thought you had won me
That my heart was at peace
How wrong you are
You don’t know
Some people
Are cursed
Even before their seed was sown
In the womb
Even before they took
Their first breath
They are carrying
Some ancient
Prophecy of doom
In their tired soul
The curse of coming back
To the earth again
And even though
We are together
We can never be
As I was designed
To be alone
My heart and soul
In the shackles
Of my own dark fate
And I am exhausted
I want to leave
I want to slide off the bed
And disappear in the dark
Don’t look for me
Don’t shed tears
Over my absence
As I will have found
The peace
I have been searching for
My whole life