An Ending

It wasn’t the ending she had hoped for. It didn’t fit with her prolonged fantasy about this moment. She had pictured it differently in her infinite bound mind. To begin with, she didn’t imagine the day would turn out to be so gloomy, so disastrous. The incessant rain, worsened by the roaring of wind was only reminding her of the emptiness that filled every square inch of her chest. Her damp clothes were hanging limply around her somewhat shrunken frame, sending repeated shivers through her spine. She was dying for some warmth. She was probably missing another human's touch against her numb skin. She was losing out on way too many things lately. Why today? She couldn’t help feeling a little resentful. But then almost immediately she got the answer from herself. The universe doesn’t give a damn about her moment. No, not really. 

Rain or no rain, she expected this moment to be a lot more emotional. But no, they didn’t hug before parting ways. No farewell wishes were spoken. Nobody lingered around just for a few more minutes. Nobody looked back. Evening arrived a little early in the cloudy, early autumnal sky. It was already almost pitch-black when she set out for home. Was she feeling sad herself? No, not even for the dogs she wouldn’t see again. Did the recent turmoil in her life has stripped her off every humanly emotion? Or was she just too sad? The kind of sad that makes one numb? But she knew it was probably because she had replayed this moment over and over again for so many times in her head over past few months that she no longer felt anything when it finally arrived. Her catharsis was done long back when she had cried herself to sleep for every single thing that she was going to miss after this very day. She had faced this end long before it manifested into reality. It no longer meant anything to her. She was ready for the new beginning.