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The other day my friend D was lamenting how badly she wanted to say 'fuck you' to someone. It was one of those soul sisters moments for us when she was expressing my wish through her words. In fact the urge to utter those two words into one awesome phrase is so high in me these days that I am avoiding human contact as much as possible. Colleagues, random GoT spoilers spreading bastards, the girl who won't stop bragging about her recent admission to Presidency University, opportunist nri housewife trying hard to prove she is a crossbreed between Oprah and Erin Brockovich with a dollop of Taslima Nasreen. I am constantly being reminded of that iconic sequence from the movie Behind Enemy Lines. Life is hardly medieval battle drama for us that we would go about decapitating anyone who pisses us off. And I don't even have a dragon to do the nasty work on my behalf.