Skull Island and Biker's Cafe

During my two years at ISI I wasn’t one of the most popular people in the campus. The main reason was I used to keep mostly to myself. #introvertalert Apart from D, most of my ISIan friends came into my life long after we had all left the campus for good. P is one such friend. However, for past few years P has been busy completing his PhD in the land of Donald Trump and he is back in Calcutta after a long time. So the month of March has been the month of reunion for us. And we have been going on movie dates back to back. First Split, then Logan. Then last week it was Skull Island. The original plan was to spend an entire day together doing crazy stuff. But somehow we couldn’t manage to do that and we only got to spend half the day together. Lunch at Biker’s Cafe, movie, and then coffee at Chai Break before heading for home.

Skull Island is a good movie. Giant CGI gorilla and lizards are tearing apart at each other while a non-Marvel version of Tom Hiddleston is chasing them with gun in hand and that killer accent on mouth that kept me fidgeting in my seat the entire duration. The casting of the movie is pretty amazing. So are the action sequences, especially if watched on giant 3D screen. Except that there is nothing much to talk about the movie.

I had never been to Biker’s Cafe before. We actually wanted to try out a place outside Forum. Situated just across the road opposite Forum, it is a quaint, little biker’s den themed cafe with a separate hookah lounge. P ordered white rum on the rocks while I chose a detoxifying watermelon juice. Well, sometimes I too pretend to behave like a responsible adult. I had already had exceeded my quota of healthy amount of alcohol for the month. For lunch we ordered Grilled Jerk Chicken with Honey Mustard Sandwich and Hungarian Style Grilled fish.

There is one weird thing about P and I. We both are hardcore meme addicts. Most of the time we converse in meme language and in almost everything we discover a meme reference. So, me drinking watermelon juice and boiled vegetables became ‘when you drink a glass of juice and feel healthy af’ and the scene where the girl (Brie Larson) in the story is looking emotionally at Kong while the hero (Tom Hiddleston) sitting by her side became ‘your girl and the guy she told you not to worry about’. It’s thug life after all.