So it is finally over. We will no longer have to wait eagerly for another season anymore. Sherlock has solved his final problem. He got his friend back. He got his family back, all of them. Mary went home. As a fan I could not help feeling resentful about only three episodes on last season. They could have made five at least. Both Moffat and Gatiss had already warned the fans that this season it was going to get darker. Yet I wasn’t prepared for it. You know which one I am referring to. Yes, the end of the first episode. I was so shocked that I had gone into denial mode headfirst. No no it can’t be possible. It’s a trick. She is going to come around in the next one. You might think I am a stupid, emotional nerd but even my twenty years’ senior colleague felt the same way. And he hasn’t even watched the last two episodes. But he is full of conviction that she is coming back. Poor him. I did not feel like bursting his denial bubble.

I am a huge Cumberbatch fan. Whenever he is on screen I feel mesmerised. I keep looking at him with gaping mouth, and that’s not a sexual fantasy thing. But I just find it impossible to look away while he is walking, talking or just looking with those piercing eyes that probably have the ability to see through the soul of a person. And hell yeah, it IS sexy. My kind of sexy. But if there was anyone I couldn’t take my eyes off this season it was Amanda Abbington. Mary Watson was nothing but a very insignificant part in the Conan Doyle universe. Victorian damsel in distress. Oh how much love Gatiss and Moffat must have put into while reconstructing her character in Sherlock. Although as a matter of fact all the female characters of Sherlock are awesome. Even Mrs. Hudson stole the show this time. But the stars of the show were the Watson duo. The chemistry between Martin Freeman and Abbington was so magical that it was almost hard to believe they had already broken up (That news made me cry. Come on.)  by the time the shooting began. I don’t understand why people think tying each other to bed and spanking is the sign of a great conjugal chemistry. I would kill any day for the kind of oomph the short, adorable Brit guy and that incandescent woman radiate on screen. Yes Hermione Granger is the wisest. Katniss is the fiercest. Black Widow can indeed kick asses any day better than her male counterparts. Wonder Woman is definitely cooler than the alien dude in red underwear. But the ex-CIA assassin mother of one is without a doubt the coolest female protagonist in recent times. Irene Adler will always be The Woman but it's Mary Watson the two adventure junkies of London truly belong to. And they will always indeed be her ‘Baker Street boys’.