Pain teaches you humility. It snatches away the last ounce of faith from your heart and watches what you can grow back in that empty, barren field out of nothing. It brings you back from the land of oblivion and shoves life back into your face. Now live! Feel every moment of it that you have been wasting away all this time with your delusional take on permanence. So just for once, stop struggling. Just stop trying to escape the inevitable. Kneel. And like the first ray of sunshine after rain give a big smile to the universe through the flood of tears drowning your face and say "Thank you. Thank you for the gift." And then wear that pain around your neck like a beautiful, star-crossed necklace dipped in poison. Let it soak through your skin every time you breathe. Let it spread through your veins. Let it sink into your bones. Embrace the burn. Enjoy the agony. Remain awake. Feel how the little stardust of pain sneaking into every last atom of your existence. Experience how the soul is reshaping itself into tomorrow through the writhing, gyrating motion. Walk the path. Surrender yourself to that great teacher of all, life. As someday you will emerge out of it as the better version of you.

Who said you need to be divine in order to attain the Bodhi?