Apology and a Quick Catch-up

After having gone through a major blogging lull and a serious case of writer’s block I am finally back here. I am just back from an amazing trip and I have a lot to write about. All this time I was feeling incredibly guilty for being absent. But procrastination is a cumulative condition, the more you allow it the more it tends to pile on you. And with the preparation of the trip and trying to finish my task before I went on a long leave I hardly had the time and energy to sit down and write something. Although I do not exactly run a popular blog or anything I feel extremely contrite to myself for being so uncreative. After all, blogging is the only thing that I do with pure love. Even while travelling the whole thought of not writing anything for my blog for three weeks was bugging me incessantly. Also Pujo is here and I might be a little busy. So I am not sure how much time I would be able to devote during the pujo days. The good news is, pujo vacation is till 16th of October (yes that is one of the perks of being a state government employee) and I shall have loads of time to rant and ramble.

Wish you all a very happy Pujo!