20 Random Facts about Me

This week it has been a lull for me in blogging. I don't know why I feel so lazy and vapid at times. This fluctuating tendency of mine worries me a lot sometimes. It is like I am so unpredictable and volatile that even I don't know what I might do next. So anyway, I thought this random facts post might break the monotony. I enjoy reading random facts about people a lot. So why not me?

1.       I am a Slytherin (so does the Sorting Ceremony on Pottermore say). And that explains my nature in one word.

2.       I used to be a size 12 during my entire under-graduation and post-graduation years. Now I am a 4.

3.       I love anything that comes in the shade of turquoise blue.

4.       I have anxiety disorder. Simple thing escalates in my head at the speed of light. And before I know it, I am the unhappiest person in the world.

5.       The steadiest relationship I have had in my life is with my second and current laptop. 5 years and counting. *touchwood*

6.       I have OCD. I open any kind of packaging at the certain prescribed spot (ever see the ‘open here’ sign?) only. I eat chocolate in blocks. I never dip my finger in the middle of a pot of cream. My lipsticks are applied with such careful precision that they never lose their original shape. People who do not follow these as their life depends on it invoke my fury to a great deal.

7.       I still sleep with the teddy bear my father got me on my 7th birthday. #singlelife And don’t even suggest me to get a new one. I take the Velveteen Rabbit’s wisdom quite seriously.

8.       I never fail to watch at least one episode of FRIENDS almost every day since 2008 (the year I was introduced to it).

9.       I never saw my maternal grandmother. No, not even a picture of her. But I did cry buckets over her and thought she might see me and take pity on me and pay me a visit from the other side.

10.   I have claustrophobia. I often dream of getting stuck in a dark tunnel.

11.   I love shunning people. A LOT. This is a sickness I suppose. But who cares. At least I don’t smoke.

12.   I have never been into any kind of sports. I cannot ride a bicycle. I cannot swim. I cannot drive.

13.   Monsoon causes me depression. I hate rain and cloudy sky like anything.

14.   Despite being a Bengali, I hate the poetry reciting, novel reading, lanky, nerdy Bengali men.

15.   I am not a big fan of Game of Thrones. I watch it, yes, but it takes serious toll on my mental well-being. And I am not mentally well to begin with.

16.   I used to be obsessed with the vampires. I still am, to some extent. I fell in love with Gary Oldman after watching Bram Stoker’s Dracula. I have crossed oceans of time to find you. I used to play that scene every day and feel deeply morose. And this had continued for the next two months until I felt normal again. I had found the book Twilight at the college library long before it started creating all the hoopla. I remember I got so upset after reading it that I told my then boyfriend, “Oh how I wish you were a vampire.” Needless to say, it was not received very nicely.

17.   I follow many fashion bloggers' accounts on instagram, but I never like their posts. Because I find them to be incredibly dumb and shallow. Come on. You don't post a picture of the latest Chetan Bhagat book and caption it #bibliophile. #sodumbthatitphysicallyhurtsme

18.   I cannot cook. Not at all. Even my maggi turns into overcooked clump, and my tea tastes like boiled water.

19.   If I had not studied Economics, I would have become a detective or a stylist or a vet.

20.   I don’t get along with girls. I never did. I have only two close female friends and I am not fully comfortable even with them.