Tidal Wave

Sometimes I get this edgy feeling inside me. That I love you so much that my heart can barely contain it. I might be sitting in my room re-blogging my marvel fandoms on tumblr. I might be in office, being drowned in the chaos around me. I might be out with my friends, laughing at foolish jokes. Then that restlessness hits, like a sudden surge of a big tidal wave that I didn't see coming, the one that tumbles you over and you land up on your face, like a silly toddler. All of a sudden I can hear your voice, whispering into my ears, telling me how much you love me. The butterflies in my stomach begin to flutter so much that I go breathless. I fear somebody might notice my flushed cheeks, and my sheepish smile. I feel like running out, go stand in the middle of the street and scream my lungs out. Yesssss!!! I love you!!! Bloody hell I love you!! I have loved you all my life!! Where have you been all this time when I was getting my heart broken by morons?! Oh yes look at me everyone! I am in love!

But then I remember the introverted ass that I am. So I just send you a puppy face emoji instead.