Weekend Rewind

Last weekend was a longer one, thanks to the assembly election. While the responsible citizens of Bengal sweating their head over the current socio-political turmoil of our beloved state and writing (third class) poetry and creating funny memes in order to fight corruption and incompetency through the overexerted social media; selfish, self-centred people like me are just happy to have gained some extra days off. As long as there is a fully functional solar system, India will always remain a corrupted, dishevelled, hypocritical nation. So let's dress up, go out, hit the pub and get drunk. Life is short and youth is even shorter. Let those ugly politicians pull each others' hair and scratch each others' eyeballs out.

I am not much of a foodie. So dinner dates are basically an excuse for me to dress up and go out feeling all sexy. People often ask me "Who do you dress up for? You don't even have a boyfriend." People are stupid. They will never be able to comprehend the simple fact that I dress up for that awesome person I encounter every day in front of the mirror. I dress up for her. I love her the most.

Barbecue Nation is one of my favourite food joints of Calcutta. Although my friends would say in unison that taking me to Barbecue Nation is a total waste of money. Because they serve buffet and I eat like a supermodel. But they take me anyway.

On the other hand, China Town is a place that I hate religiously. The area is not only one of the dirtiest and congested part of Calcutta, but the restaurants are filled with cheap people who have got lot of money but no class. There is a lot of hype about China Town among the Calcuttans as well as the outsiders who come to explore the city; but seriously, it is simply not worth it. If you love Chinese food (and got money ), go to Mainland China. The only good part about China Town is that, you can order alcohol by bottle. And yes, that is a crucial point for drunkards like us. Go figure!

Believe me I did not eat them alone nor did I finish the plate

Maxi dress: Fusion Beats

Kurta: Westside, Palazzo: Jabong

I have also done something incredibly but not unusually foolish last weekend. But that story will come up in a separate post. Yes, I am that proud of my silly habits.