When it comes to giving notice, I have an awful past record. However I am learning to be a little more consistent with time. After all my blog deserves to know that I am just temporarily going away, not abandoning the whole project and running away. I do have a habit of running away without giving a notice. I enjoy when I leave people wondering what happened to me. Oh how needy and screwed up am I? Er.. Let's not go there.
Anyway, coming to the actual point. I shall not be available the entire next week. I am off to some important mission. Hold thy breath. I'm not going to tell you what my 'important mission' is all about. It's a secret. I will tell you after I'm back. Sometimes I think I would make a good spy, given my insecure, paranoiac, secretive nature. For the time being, I can only divulge this much that this mission has been cancelled three times in the past already and I am eagerly waiting to find out whether fourth time's a charm. I have scheduled two posts to keep my stupid blog running during my absence.
See you when I see you. (Thank you Matt Damon)