So I went out after a LONG time. To be more precise I went out after a long time with no nagging issues inside my head. Well, somehow I always manage to have some unresolved issues in my mind eating me up one bite of me at a time. But now my life has been so empty and yet so turbulent for so long that I hardly notice it any more. In fact, I would feel rather ill at ease and dumbfounded if, say, one fine morning I discovered my pains were suddenly gone. That would be some pretty fucking awesome magic. But alas, where is Professor Dumbledore when I need him the most? To teach me how to find the light amidst all the darkness and hopelessness?

Hence my awesome wardrobe and my regiment of boyfriends come to the rescue. No, not friends who happen to be male. The gang of men I flirt and fool around with. Oh the world is my pooled imperfect substitutes of Tom Hiddleston.

Fuck this shit.

When I am not busy hating myself, I dress up and go out and pretend to be an alive human being

And feel amazed at my talent of being so fake

And my mom thinks I starve myself, huh