Pujo Diary 2015 - Nabami/Dashami

As I mentioned in my earlier post, this year Pujo days overlapped with each other as per the Panjika. So the preparation to send off Ma Durga and her kids started from the morning only. But before that we participated in the Phuchka competition where one had to eat a lot of phuchka within two minutes and the one who could eat the maximum number of phuchka would be the winner. I am a slow eater myself and never got to win this competition till date. The guy who won ate 17 in two minutes. I could only eat 9 and was already out of breath looking like a moron with tamarind water dripping off my mouth.

The Devi baran and sidur khela started soon afterwards.

The kurta was an exhibition purchase from last year. The embroidery is called chikan. Lucknow is the birthplace of this embroidery pattern.

In the evening I opted for a pair of palazzos. They were from a designer range named Pakhi by Preeti Tomar.

Every year we dance like crazy at the procession and this year was no exception. In our group, A and R are the most enthusiastic dancer. R's board exam is coming this year and hence she was a bit apprehensive about the dancing part. She was afraid she might get cursed by Ma Durga and her clan if she danced at the procession. After P and I provided her with numerous empirical examples of people 'who-never-danced-but-failed-nevertheless' and of people who 'danced-but-also-excelled-at-the-board-exams', she was finally ready to rock the floor.

Every year on Dashami I get this same feeling that the Pujo is over too fast. That the days were gone in the blink of an eye. And the countdown for the next year's Pujo begins. After all, a Bengali's life is nothing but a transitory phase from one Pujo to the next one. We will have to wait for a whole year for Ma to return to her father's house again. So many things will happen within this 365 days. So many changes will take place in one person's life. For so many people, this was probably their last Pujo. For so many people the next year's Pujo will be the first. And so the life will go on...

Dugga Dugga. Asche bochor abar hobe.