Things I'm Currently Loving

Organic skincare products.

I was reading an article the other day about the difference between organic and herbal products It says how it is safer to use organic products as their productions are heavily regulated in India, as opposed to the herbal ones. Neev is an organic brand that I never used before. I am loving the face wash and the cream. They smell of herbs and spices which is very refreshing. The kajal is made of sesame oil and it gives a nice cooling effect after applying. So far so good.

Colourful scarves.

I use scarves regularly, thanks to the dirt and pollution of Calcutta. I have quite a good collection of scarves and these are a recent addition to that. Quirky and colourful prints never fail to grab my attention. The little bird and the flamingo ones are thrifted off the street of New Market for 100 bucks each only. The South Park one is an online purchase. It was love at first sight.

Candy coloured hair clip.

Another New Market treasure hunt find. I will not say it is cute as I consciously refrain from using the word 'cute' as much as possible; the word somehow evokes the image of some random young girl holding a pink hello kitty doll. It is safer to say that I bought the clip because it looked like a delicious mixed flavoured candy to me.

Travel magazines/blogs.

I took only one trip this year, that too did not go very well. Then my Bhutan trip has been postponed and it is not going to happen anytime sooner than next year. So I am reading lots of travel magazines and travel community posts these days in order to keep my sanity unscathed.

My new shoes.

Call me shallow, but I am in love with them. I am in love with my new pair of shoes. Period.

The book I'm currently reading.

I have only started reading it and I am already a part of the journey.

Lip to lip de kissiya.

For past few days I have been totally hooked on to this number. Don't know what I love the most about this song. The catchy lyrics or the video or just the mere presence of Kangana Ranawat. I just can't stop humming the song wherever I go.