An Outfit Post from Last Week

I hardly ever blog any outfit post here. Although personally I love to dress up. Lately, I have almost stopped going out on weekends and I mostly dress like some middle aged maid to work. Reason?
1. I hate my office.
2. I hate my life.
3. I hate climate of Calcutta.
4. I hate Calcutta.
5. I am bored. Too bored to even bother about looking good.
6. I don't go on dates. Not anymore. And I will not, until Tom Hiddleston or Kit Harington asks me out.
7. I hate my boring, monotonous, stagnant life.

Did I just say 'I hate my life' twice?

However, last week I was too upset and decided to go out for a bit to soothe my strained nerves. I wore this very simple outfit and took some photographs in the empty ladies' room at the mall and got photobombed by a couple of broomsticks.