The Lonely Puppy

A little puppy has recently been born in my neighbourhood. Unlike most cases he happens to be the only offspring of his single mother. Therefore quite naturally he does not have any playmate and spends most of his time either tailing his mother or snoozing on the roadside. I sometimes feed him biscuits while passing by. Whenever I approach him, his eyes light up and his ears spring upwards. He acknowledges me by wagging his tiny tail or laying on his back spreading his legs so that I could scratch his tummy. Quite honestly, every time I look into his eyes I feel like crying my eyes out and I have to control this very powerful urge of lifting him up in my arms and stride towards home. Not to mention I already have a small regiment of dog in front of my house whom my father has named as my 'brethren'. A few days ago, I asked my mom if I could bring the puppy home. She answered very quietly, 'Over my dead body.' I just wish I could give him a home.