Happy New Year

Last night when new year wishes started pouring in as soon as the clock struck 12, I was lost in my own chain of thoughts. Another year has gone by, but has my life changed at all since last year? What was I feeling at the same time last year? How much have I accomplished in this one year? How much have I changed as a person in this one year? How does the balance sheet of my life for 2014 look like?

2014 started on a rather bad note. Due to some personal reason I was totally devastated and shattered. The year started with a resolution of picking up the pieces and start over.

The first step to start loving myself again: take a Goa trip in March.

In April, we went to Sikkim, including North Sikkim. Visiting Gurudongmer was one of the best experiences of my life so far.

Got my second tattoo, this time on foot. It hurt like hell, but every one knows how crazy I am.

Then monsoon came to the city of joy.

Pujo came quite early this year. And it ended on a bittersweet note.

In November, we went to Kiriburu.

Went to watch an ISL match. It was my first ever visit to a stadium. Seriously. By the way, my team ATC won this year's ISL. Dada rocks. ATC rocks.

The best thing always happens at the very end. My West Sikkim trip in December. I had gone on that trip as someone. Came back a totally different person. I am yet to discover if this change will lead me to positive consequences. But so far, that trip was the best time of my year.

At the end, I did realise, the battle I had started my year with, I won it. Not only did I endure the storm, but I survived also.

A very happy new year to you all. Lets start the year with new hope. Cheers!


  1. Happy new year Kuheli, you strong and beautiful woman .. lots of hugs to you ...

    1. Happy new year Simple girl. thank you so much. :-* *hug*


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