Possessiveness vs protectiveness

How possessive are you about the person you love or care about? Some people say possessiveness is the outcome of true love. Some say, no. Your innate insecurity gets expressed through your possessive behaviour. Personally, I believe in the latter. I do not like to act possessive around the person I love. If I trust him, what is the point of being so insecure. He is mine anyway. But if there is not enough bond, that's a whole different story.
I H.A.T.E possessiveness. It pisses me off like anything. If you keep asking her/him about every single guy/girl friend they have, with  suspicious eyes, or act in a very weird passive aggressive way every time they look at the phone; well, then it's time to bid adieu. If you are not cool enough to handle a person, then you obviously don't deserve them.
At the end of the day, I love my freedom more than anything. I know many people who ask their partners before buying anything for themselves. Some people are so much in 'love' they won't stop texting each other, even if they are with other people. In my office, there is a guy who keeps an eye on her girlfriend (who happens to work there too) all day. He also goes through her phone and chat history so that he remains 'up to date' with her social activities.
If you ask these psychos 'what the fuck is wrong with you dude?', they will give a very sentimental and heart touching answer. 'Oh but I love him/her so much! I feel so protective.'
No you moron. Being protective is so very different from being a pain in the ass possessive annoying psycho. Protectiveness is being there for someone no matter what, not stalking or snooping through their call list. And despite what that Stephanie Meyer woman wrote in that big pile of shit named Twilight, stalking is NOT cool. It does not give your character any sexy negative shades, it simply proves that you need therapy. You are not an evil spirit that you will 'possess' a fellow human being. No amount of love can give you that right. Ever. Same thing goes for those over enthusiastic parents who treat their kids as their toys. They usually follow that 'I create you, so I own you' rule. And no offense, it mostly happens in case of mother-son relationships. These forever unhappy (sometimes sexually deprived and somehow frustrated) mothers raise their sons with such possessiveness, they either turn into feeble spineless man child. Or worse, they end up being those sadistic narcissistic psychos suffering from Oedipus complex. No woman is good enough for them other than their mommies. They are frighteningly selfish and treat women like shit. These men are very charming in the beginning. But slowly as they start to show their true colours, you will wish you were never born.
To me, nothing can be more desirable than loving one's own freedom while respecting others'. Love or respect dies slow death if there is no space for personal freedom. Loving someone and controlling their every move are two very different things. Possessiveness is a sickness, not an outcome of love. It means you don't have enough faith in them. So you better leave them alone. And to those over 'protective' parents: Get a life. Get a secret lover. Go and get some. Leave your poor child alone.
To narcissistic men: Well.. Just go fuck yourself.


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