Goa Travelogue Day 2

Next day we decided to travel around the city, instead of hanging out in the scorching sun on the beach. So we hired a cab and went out exploring.

Our cabbie took us to the boat ride first. They were calling it the fun 'dolphin trip'. I can't swim, but nevertheless I feel excited and happy as a kid when it comes to fun water trip. The driver started the engine as our batch boarded the motorboat. It was a pleasant morning. Cool sea breeze was playing on our hair leaving them all unkempt. The March sun felt pretty strong on the skin, but occasional splash of water from the sea was bringing some relief. It was not exactly sea though, rather a peninsula of Mandavi river, where she plunged herself into the arms of wide Arabian sea.

The boat ride lasted for almost half an hour. On our way back we caught few glimpses of dolphins rising and then jumping back into the water in blink-and-you-miss moments.

Being a former Portuguese colony, Goa still has got a strong Portuguese influence in its culture and heritage. One of those heritage sites would be Fort Aguada, which was our next stop. It was built in 1612 by the Portuguese. The name 'aguada' was originated from Portuguese word 'agua' which means water.

We had already spotted the fort from our boat ride. The huge dome at the middle had looked rather toyish from that distance.

It was already 1 o' clock in the afternoon when we left the fort. The afternoon sun was just above our head pouring down scorching heat in all his glory. We decided to stop for lunch. We had two different types of local Goan fish curry with steamed rice. I don't remember the name of the fishes now. They tasted a bit like pomfret. There was too much coconut in the curry though, which I did not like. We, Bengalis have a hard time digesting coconut in general, so we usually avoid it.

After lunch, we started for Chapora fort. Now this place in Goa was rather unknown until Farhan Akhtar decided to picture this location in his movie Dil Chahta Hai. Remember that famous scene, where all three friends were sitting idly on a broken wall? That was shot here, at Chapora fort. The fort is ruined, only the outside wall with a broken entrance is still left. The path that led to the fort was quite steep and completely broken. I was wearing beach flip flops and my feet hurt a lot. I had had a glass of wine at lunch, and now it started kicking in, thanks to the heat.

This fort is situated near Vagator beach. We could see the activities going on the beach up from the fort wall. The view was absolutely breathtaking.

Next stop. Vagator beach.

Then we went to Anjuna beach. I was already tired, so I did not go to the beach. I rather opted for some street shopping from the roadside flea market. The lady in one shop was so insistent that I had to buy a necklace made of coconut shell. Then I bought a very beautiful banjara belt from the next shop. The banjara lady was nicely dressed up and it was so sweet of her that she let me took her snap. They also asked me to get my hair done in banjara style. Being a hippie at heart myself, I was more than happy to accept their offer. They made small braids in my hair with colourful wool. They were speaking in an unknown language among themselves. I was curious, so I asked them. They said it was their tribal language and they were from Karnataka.

Outfit details:
Dress, necklace, hat, flip flops: Goa flea market
Bag: gifted.


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