Happy Mahalaya. And some rewind..

First, I would like to wish all my readers a very happy Mahalaya. Durga puja is knocking on the door, just one week is left. My vacation will be starting from this Saturday. I have done lots of shopping so far and you will get to see many outfit posts, if I don't procrastinate.
Last year on Mahalaya, Arnab(my colleague), Dhruba(my bff) and I had decided to meet up and visit Kumartuli. Kumartuli is a small neighbourhood in north Calcutta. It is basically a potters' quarter and most of the idols are made here. Kumartuli before puja is sort of photographers' paradise. People come from all over the world to catch a glimpse of the hustle bustle of this area just before puja. It was my first time visit there.
Enjoy our journey through the lens. I must thank Arnab and his technologically advanced camera. He took all my photographs. Rest of them were taken by me. He is an amazing photographer by the way.


  1. Lovely , have fun . Thank you for ur comment . And about the skirt you asked me - it's a one piece A line skirt .


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