Coyote the philosopher

There comes a time in almost every one's life, when nothing goes right. The job sucks. Love life has gone astray. Family life is also messed up. And then comes the question most of the single twenty something Indian girls are most terrified of. 'When are you getting married dear? Most of your batch-mates are married and rest are in steady relationships and looking for wedding planners.' My relatives or those so-called well-wishers might faint if I answer them, 'No aunty (or uncle, or whatever), I don't have a boyfriend, because I literally suck at relationships. I don't wanna get married. And the mere idea of having kids freaks the bejesus out of me. I would rather become a globetrotter and explore the whole world, although I know that's an impossible dream unless someday I bump into someone as crazy as me and elope with him.'

There is a saying, that 'If you find humor in every situation, you win.' Well, it may not be too wise to find humor at someone's funeral, although I have done that too. The uncontrollable urge to laugh at the most inappropriate moments has always been one of my biggest enemies. But anyways, when life kicks you in the shin or, er... somewhere in between the legs, try to picture yourself as the ever unfortunate coyote spending a fortune on Acme products in order to trap the road-runner in vain or Sylvester the cat chasing Tweety the bird. However, they never stopped chasing their own wild geese and every time they failed, we laughed our asses off. We loved them, no matter how evil they were or their intentions were. And at one time or another, we started to root for them secretly.

Moral of the story? Be optimistic no matter how frustrating the situation gets, even if that requires you to invent the craziest of ideas to stay positive. Or, as my mom would say, commitment phobia is the mother of all inventions.