July Favourites

World is going to shit. Liberals are hiding their hypocrite faces. History is repeating itself after more than two decades. One bully nation has gone home with its tail tucked between its legs. With a heavy heart and anxious mind I am trying to post something positive and fun. Lately I give more importance to Instagram blogging (NOT a cue for the stalking scavengers) so Blogger has taken a backseat.

July have been a fun and eventful month. August too so far. Got my first dose of vaccination. That too with VIP treatment by my doctor. Feels good eh? To clarify my feeling better I must say it was not a feeling of condescension but sheer gratitude. Lately I have realised even some loss are in a way massive gain. The last two years have brought about such radicals shifts in my perspectives. So anyways, here is how I enjoyed another month in lockdown. I know it's almost mid-August but let's not forget time is an illusion after all.


Rath Yatra outfit c/o Mango

Organic gulab kesar soap with dried rose petal, smells like heaven

New season of Rick and Morty <3

My new happy llama with a glass of rose

Scented candles: vanilla, rose, lavender and jasmine

Full moon <3

Chumbak smartwatch, bought it just for the cuteness quotient

My new special occasions wine goblet that turned into pen stand for the time being

Embroidered juttis! Love love love

Darjeeling OOTD

Whiskey sour at Glenary's

Doing what I do best