Once upon a time
They made you tremble
Agony of sinful pleasure
Love notes scribbled on skin
Teeth and nails, love
Who needs ink
Now the memories make you bleed
In the shades of invisible crimson
Drops of liquid shame
Trickling down your legs
Where you once felt the Divine
What lot of magic and damage can do
Strings of letters joined together
Sweet nectar of lover's mouth
You fall asleep hugging them
Like soft pillow pressed against
Your lonely cheek
Or the poison of indifference
Oblivion is just another hell
One more attempt at love wasted
You die a little more
But the vilest of them all
The ones that never made it to the lips
Some were crucified at fingertips
Festering in the dungeon of soul
Coward is always the least vulnerable
They die a billion deaths
In vain
Haunted by the rotting flesh of
What was once needed to be put into