Hello Calcutta! (After Months)

This is my first time travelling since the pandemic broke out. As much as I have been watching people acting like the corona was gone already I have barely come out of my den in past eight months barring a few sporadic visits to Darjeeling. Nor do I ever feel overly enthusiastic about coming to Calcutta, especially in summer. But Pujo is almost here and I had been feeling that pull every now and then since mid August. Ticket was booked. Anxiety was shooting through the roof. Heart was barely able to contain a sudden surge of life that I hadn't felt felt since the early months of 2017. (But this is a story for a different time so I must control myself for now)

Scene at the airport was scary as fuck. Social distancing was the bloody victim of a mob stampede everywhere. I was mostly sitting in a quiet corner remembering the Gods and hoping this to be over soon. But travelling in a PPE kit was something so badass. I was feeling like a forensics expert/detective about to inspect a gory crime scene.

Now I wait for my friends. Until then I'm off to eat fish everyday and somethingIcannotname with my brother *wink* *wink* and take lots and lots of naps.