Foster Diaries

It says life always gives you back what you lost in some other form. No loss is really permanent. I have lost so many stray dogs in the course of taking care of them. It had left me devastated and eventually I moved on to donating for animal rescue organizations and refrained from getting involved directly. When life keeps on hurting you, you become averse to getting emotionally attached to any living being. Yeah, it sounds pathetic.

Lockdown has left me with too much free time and I was dying to utilise it in something useful instead of sitting here living in my head all day long. Blue Cross of Siliguri happened then. They had posted an appeal to foster a couple of puppies (one of them was injured) and I thought what the hell and responded. They were more than happy to enroll me as the foster parent of the two puppies.

It's not easy, especially for a rookie like me, to take care of two little furry kids at home, all by myself. July has been an insanely intense month. I hardly slept. I lost a lot of weight running after the two of them. At times I even wondered if, like most of my life decisions, this too was a foolish attempt. But I guess despite everything else this one will always be one of the best decisions of my life. Despite having been driven nearly nuts by the two little monsters.

The female puppy got adopted last week. I couldn't be happier for her. People go to a puppy mill and buy a dog and call themselves 'dog lover' while millions of stray dogs suffer in misery. I have seen people up close treating stray dogs with utmost disgust while they have dogs at home that they purchased. Shame on such people. 

Right now I am only fostering the male puppy. I have named him 'Paaplu' by the way. :) I know it's going to hurt like a bitch once he leaves for his forever home. Given my HSP nature it's no wonder I am crying every night in anticipation of that horrendous moment. But then there's one thing I have learned in life after all this time. Impermanence is the ultimate truth in life. And no matter how hard we chase after the land of 'happily ever after', life will never stop being full of sorrow.

Until then, happy weekend from Paaplu and I. :)