Morgan House, Kalimpong

Morgan House was built in 1930 by George Morgan who was a jute baron as well as indigo plantation owner. Morgan and his new bride came to live in the mansion overlooking a majestic view of the Himalayas for this was their summer retreat. (when they were not busy torturing and extorting our Indian farmers to do their bidding) However the nuptial soon ended in an untimely demise of Lady Morgan. George Morgan left the house leaving its ownership to a trust.

Kinda looks like Kate Winslet's cottage from The Holiday doesn't it?

Morgan House is currently owned by the government of West Bengal and run as a boutique hotel by WBTDC. Every mountain village has its own lore of supernatural, where the fine line between reality and myth goes blurry. Kalimpong's local legend says Lady Morgan died young and unhappy (apparently, tortured by her husband) and as a result her spirit still haunts what was once supposed to be her happy home.

I had to stay there solely because of Lady Morgan's story. I was in Kalimpong on official inspection visit that had taken me to some worst neighbourhoods of the town (the beauty of govt job) and Morgan House was the perfect prize at the end of an otherwise bad day. At night I got drunk and went to sit on the terrace. I waited for a long time, in the midnight chill of autumn. I sat in complete and utter silence, trying to hear the sounds of her heeled shoes that is said to echo around the old building in the dead of night. Unfortunately, Lady Morgan didn't come sit with me. We didn't get to talk about our mutual disappointments with men albeit almost a century apart. But that nocturnal adventure in the garden sure did give me months worth of adrenaline boost. I don't know about you guys but I love getting scared at times. It sort of gives me a purpose to cling on to my dear life.

Breakfast buffet they offer is really good

Ghost or no ghost, this amazing heritage hotel is located at the most picturesque location of Kalimpong; away from the pandemonium of town centre, just on the verge of the cantonment area looking over a vast golf course. Not to mention WBTDC is doing a stellar job at maintaining the place.

p.s. More than ever I miss the mountains. Whatever is going around us right now is quite scary. Unprecedented times, they call it. Yet I close my eyes and picture myself standing at the edge of a precipice (not in a suicidal way) looking at the panoramic vista while inhaling lungs full of fresh, misty mountain air. I really miss the mountains. All I can do is look at the mountains of Kurseong from my terrace and ruminate on all the good times I have had over there till date.