How did your Janta Curfew go today? I have returned from Calcutta last Friday and apparently I would have missed my window had I waited for another 48 hours. The lockdown in West Bengal starts from tomorrow. Technically it has already started. As I said before, this curfew hardly feels any new crisis for me. I am on self-imposed curfew 24*7 for a while now; even emotionally.

But today for at least half an hour I felt different. This evening from around 4.55 till almost 5.30 everything was pure bliss. The air was filled with sounds coming from every single household in the vicinity. People were applauding. Playing conch shells, ceremonial bells. And utensils. I had no conch shell or ceremonial bell at my apartment so I just grabbed a steel plate from kitchen and started playing it with a serving spoon. It felt GOOD. Suddenly we were not so alone. Suddenly everyone was together, part of one nation. We were all INDIANS. We were all honouring those who are at the front-line fighting to keep us safe.

To be honest,  even I didn't expect such massive response. And this is coming from one of the biggest fans of the PM. Today it is once again proven how much people of this country love him. And most of these people don't go on social media to spew venom like those pseudo-liberal sons of bitches. Talking about pseudo-liberals, they have gathered around on social media already to prove how stupid the majority population of the country is. Such mind-numbing audacity. I seriously feel the government should deport them to where they truly belong, where they would be truly appreciated -- People's Republic of China. Or why not China's pet pig, India's disowned, dishonoured evil child?

Twitter is overflowing with responses from all across the nation. With Saturn having entered Aquarius (As per Western astrology. As per Vedic astrology, Saturn is in his home sign right now, Capricorn - my moon sign) and Spring Equinox everything does seem to be going through a massive cosmic reset, doesn't it? It falls apart before the new beginning. Let's hope along with the rest of the world, this is a new beginning for our beloved nation too. As for my own life? I seriously don't have a fucking clue. But I am hoping for the best. :)

Jai Hind.