Curbing Impulse Buying - How to be a Smart Shopper

For past three years I have been fighting my bad habit of shopping impulsively. I know I am not the only one here who faces this particular challenge in this era of instant gratification and shameless consumerism.

Let's face the fact. We are part of one weird and screwed up generation. No matter how hard we try to pretend, basically we are deeply unhappy. We are lonely, depressed, and always looking for something that is missing from our life. And in order to achieve that 'something' some of us end up trying to fill up the chasm by buying pretty stuff. Unfortunately, they do fill up the wardrobe and every last inch of your living space but nothing else; while your savings depletes. Unless of course, you have a rich parent with sky high credit limit.

Nowadays every single move you make on the internet is monitored and then you get bombarded with 'suggestions' until you fall into the trap of buying something you didn't know you ever needed. It's like a vicious cycle. I spend a lot of time on Instagram and I know how difficult it can get sometimes. I see more sponsored posts on my feed than updates from people I actually follow. Independent sellers will ask you to DM to know the price of their stuff which is a swift psychological strategy. Your first approach will make you feel guilty which will induce you to buy something from that page. And this will go on. Then one day you realise you have turned into a big, fat hoarder. Then comes those stupid 'influencers'. Honestly. this whole 'influencer' trend is probably the biggest and lamest gimmick that the internet have ever produced. A bunch of really talentless, lame ass people with good cameras have suddenly found a way to make a few bucks by misguiding the lot. And by the way, having a bunch of paid followers and loads of free stuff do not make one a 'public figure'. #justsaying

These days I try not to buy stuff out of sudden impulse. I am slowly shifting towards 'quality over quantity' motto. Earlier I used to get overwhelmed while cleaning my room. So many ugly, stupid clothes. So many useless junk jewellery. Most of them I hardly ever wore or never wore. Eventually I have come to the conclusion that I hate clutter. No matter what that idiot Carrie Bradshaw says, owning too many things is never good for oneself. So lately I have begun to seriously de-clutter my closet. If I can cut toxic/fake people out of my life then that same logic must apply with the things I possess. So now I choose my brands carefully and stick to them. Then comes the expertise of mixing and matching. (I am not very good at it though) I am only buying pieces that are versatile. Before buying a top I ask myself how many bottoms I have already I will be able to pair it with. Is the material good for summer? Is it environment friendly? Will it look good on me? Is the price tag at par with my purchasing power? If yes, then I go ahead. If not, well I have got too many clothes already. I am also getting out of the habit of buying/wearing junk jewellery. Right now apart from few Forever 21/Aliexpress/Westside stuff I have mostly silver, little bit of gold and some indigenous/handmade statement pieces in my jewellery box and I treasure them all. Buying less things that come with 'made in China' tag is also on the list. Although it's hard to avoid them completely as those damn things are everywhere. I have stopped purchasing any polyester made clothing item. They are not only uncomfortable but also cheap and not at all environment friendly. When it comes to makeup I am a strict kajal-mascara-basic lipstick person and it never goes beyond that. Buying cosmetics is a ginormous wastage of money. Instead I try to eat healthy and stick to a regular skincare routine.

There's one trick I follow lately in order to curb my habit of impulse buying. Whenever I see something that I feel like buying I tell myself to postpone it till the next day. When the next day comes I postpone it even further. Eventually my urge ebbs away and the 'next day' always remains in the future and I save myself from buying something I might regret later.

I have also unfollowed those so-called 'influencers'. Not only to save myself from getting 'influenced' but also to stay away from the mind-numbing stupidity they exhibit. My point? Taking inspiration is fine, but try not to get too 'influenced'. Be your own style guru.

Buying one dress worth Rs 2000 is a better option than buying four pieces 500 each.

Being a responsible shopper also helps you reduce your carbon footprints. Amazon rainforest is burning and it should scare the living shit outta you.

After years of countless faux pas and reckless, unplanned shopping I have come to this realisation that 'too much' doesn't look good on me. Too much makeup, too much accessories, or in general, the attitude of trying too hard. So why go overboard? On the other hand, I am no motivational writer but I do believe in the motto of simple living. When you have less crap to worry about you will live more freely.

(Top and skirt: Both from Max. While the top was bought two months back the skirt is about five years old)